4 Aeropress Coffee Recipes to try

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What is the best type of coffee to make on your coffee machine? That’s the question that’s been weighing heavily on your mind ever since you first got your coffee machine and, even though you love the coffee it makes, you still can’t decide which type of coffee is best. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! Read on to learn about five different types of coffee you can make on your coffee machine and how they compare to each other in terms of taste, cost, and convenience!


1) Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is the easiest type to make because it only involves putting hot water through coffee grounds. The brew ratio can be customized with more or fewer grounds and changes in brewing time to suit your taste. However, filter coffee is not as rich as other types, but for those looking for a light, fresh flavors you can’t go wrong with this one. And if you’re trying to save money, remember that filter coffee doesn’t require any additional ingredients like milk or sugar. If you are not in the mood for dark roasts, then try this out! It’s easy to drink even though it might be a little lighter than what you would expect. As far as cost goes, filter coffee is also much cheaper than many other varieties because there are no extras needed such as cream or sugar.


2) Espresso

Espresso is the most traditional form of coffee and what you typically get when you order an Americano or Cappuccino. An espresso shot is made by pulling about 17-18 bars of pressure through finely ground, dark-roasted coffee beans. Espresso drinks are usually served with milk (usually steamed). The milk can be either hot or cold. Most espresso shots taste better when combined with sugar and milk. If you want to create a latte from your espresso machine, just combine your milk and espresso into one cup and then top it off with foam. You can also make iced lattes in this fashion! For example, to make an iced latte all you need to do is pour your desired amount of freshly brewed espresso over ice cubes in a tall glass then add milk to fill the rest of the glass up to the rim. To make a cappuccino simply add 1/4 to 1/2 inch of foamed milk to the top of an espresso shot. To make an americano, pour water into a mug until it reaches 1/3 full then add espresso until the mug is filled.

Yay! Your coffee is ready to enjoy till the last drop.


3) Pour Over

Pour-over is arguably the easiest coffee-making process, and it’s no wonder that pour-over stands for Pour Over Brewing. All you need to do is measure out the beans and water, place a filter in your coffee maker, place your empty cup underneath and pour the freshly boiled water over them.

The good thing about this process is that because all you need to do is boil water first, you don’t have to wait for it to cool down after brewing. The downside though, is that if you’re going for one type of coffee or have hard tap water, your end product will probably be different than if you were using filtered water or spring water which can result in bitter-tasting coffee. To get the best possible outcome from a pour-over, you should use an organic whole bean and ground it yourself just before brewing. 


4) Aeropress

Aeropress is a type of coffee you can make with your coffee machine. It is an ideal brewing method for people who like to save time and money. This coffee maker uses pressure, which brings out the best flavors from the beans, and produces a clean cup. Aeropress has been praised for its ease and convenience, earning it recognition as one of the most popular coffeemakers today. 

Aeropress is also highly customizable because there are two types available – manual and automatic. Manual Aeropress brewers allow you to have more control over the process, but this means that each user needs to do their pressing. The upside is that all the oils and flavor stay in the final brew. Automatic Aeropress brewers are geared towards those who want simplicity but don’t want to sacrifice quality either. With this brewer, you just place paper filters into the chamber, add grounds and water up top (and wait three minutes), then push down gently until done! When finished brewing, remove the plunger and enjoy!


Here is the list of some others you might want to try,


  1. Iced Latte – A refreshing iced latte made with frothed milk, is the perfect summer drink! (seven sentences)
  2. Mocha Frappuccino – The ultimate drink for chocolate lovers. The recipe includes espresso and cocoa powder. 
  3. Hot Chocolate – No need for marshmallows or whipped cream, hot chocolate made in a coffee maker tastes delicious all by itself! 
  4. Espresso Macchiato – Espresso macchiato is simply espresso topped with foamed milk and then topped off with cocoa powder and whipped cream on top! It’s perfect for those who love both coffee and chocolate but don’t want them mixed in the same cup. 
  5. Americano- Italian for coffee an Americano is brewed from shots of espresso combined with water (hot or cold).



I hope this blog post has helped give you a basic understanding of the four different types of coffee you can make on an Aeropress machine. You should now have a general idea of what each type entails and whether or not it would be right for you and your coffee preferences. I encourage anyone interested in trying new coffees to do so, as they are almost guaranteed to learn something new! If you’re unsure about any of these coffees, there’s no harm in experimenting with them- even if you find out that one type doesn’t suit your taste, that may give you an idea of what to look for next time.



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